Second Blog Today

So, I didn’t have time for the first blog I wrote today, but now I have time to write a second? How does that work?

This is quick. I just found out about this great online concept: building your online platform. I clicked over to Rachael Harrie’s blog and found the page to sign up.

Being the mostly cautious person that I am, I went to Rachael’s blog post to read more about the campaign.

The concept is all about networking and learning more about blogging, blogfests, and fellow bloggers. I’m not an expert at any of this, so hopefully by joining I’ll learn a lot. Even if I can just discover that there are others like me, it would be a big help!

I took the plunge! I joined. You can, too. It’s for all writers, not just children’s authors like me. Here’s the link.


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One response to “Second Blog Today

  1. Laynie – I didn’t know you were doing the campaign! I am too! I also wanted to make sure you know I’m posting your pitch tomorrow on Would You Read It. I sent you a message from LinkedIn, but want to be sure you get it!

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