Interview with Kris Yankee

Hooray!  Today’s the day that Kris Yankee’s on my blog.  So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado…award-winning author, Kris Yankee!!

First, I want to thank Laynie for having me on her blog.  She’s awfully nice to let me take over for the day and tell you about myself and my story, Saving Redwind.  She wants to grill me-ah…ask me a few questions, so here goes…

Kris, if there was one thing you could do differently in your writing career, what would it be?

I would’ve started sooner!  It took me a very long time to realize that writing was what I wanted to do.  Which is odd because I loved reading and language ever since I was a small child.  I think what held me back was that I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my writing.

Between Amazon, CreateSpace, and SmashWords, which (in your opinion) is easier to use?  Which is more successful for you?

All three involve formatting of the text, and of course, none of the formatting is really the same.  I’m not sure one was easier over another.  All of them were a pain!  I seem to be doing better with Amazon and CreateSpace.

How do you divide up the hours in a typical day?

Morning and afternoon hours are for my two days jobs, editing for a press and editor/writer for a non-profit.  The evening hours are for writing.  But I also have two kids, a husband, and two dogs. One kid plays travel hockey, so we spend a lot of time at the rink. I’ve been known to write or edit at the rink– especially if it’s a practice!

Do you manage to find “girl” time, surrounded as you are by all that testosterone?

I make sure to schedule lunches or nights out with girlfriends.  Phone calls also help — there are just some things we women need to talk about that men aren’t particularly interested in, so phone calls are essential.

Do you have any hobbies…other than writing and keeping up with the boys, that is?

I love to garden (as in flower garden), but don’t come look at mine right now!  It’s a total mess.  Too many obligations this summer let it get run over with weeds.  I love to see new
things grow and watch them come into full bloom.  I also like to power walk with the puppies, read, bike with the family, and of course, watch hockey!

Do you anticipate doing any more collaborative books or are you happy “going it alone?”

I think you’re referring to me working with a screenwriter on a screenplay and book.  I’ve discovered that working with another person can be challenging, yet very rewarding.  I love seeing the process of creating a screenplay — it’s so different than writing a book.  I think both sides have merit and I would consider any new opportunity that came my way.

Thanks for taking time out of your obviously busy schedule, Kris.  Good luck to your son’s hockey team this season.  Take full advantage of those practice-time writing sessions:   we all want to see a new Wallpaper Adventure in the near future.  Be sure to let us know.

All comments on this blog interview are welcome.  Comments will be forwarded to Kris and the best comment will receive a free copy of Kris’s book, Saving Redwind: A Wallpaper Adventure.




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19 responses to “Interview with Kris Yankee

  1. “power walk with the puppies” – love it! I’m a flower-lover gardener too but the weeds got the upper hand with me this year too. I have fond memories of the faces I used to see in the wallpaper in my room as a kid, so I’d love to win a copy of your book!

  2. Stacy~ I’m so glad that you stopped by. I need to be more diligent with my writing schedule. I tend to take entire days to write and then if I get too many emails, my creativity is shot. With my boys back in school, at least I’ll have some sort of routine again. Good luck with YOUR writing schedule!

    Ciara~ Hey, glad to see you here! I’m glad you were able to make it. I’ll see you around the campaign, I’m sure!

    Joanna~ I have to tell you that my agent wanted me to get a contract with the screenwriter. That took a bit of hammering out. We wanted to make sure that everything was written out, so there wouldn’t be any confusion. Now, he’s done with his part and I have to get cracking on mine! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Glad you find down and/or phone time with the gals amid your hectic schedule, Kris.

    I was interested to read of your collaboration. The whole idea of sharing a writing project scares and attracts me. Clearly your experience was highly positive.

    Laynie, thanks so much for this interview. Great way to kick off the campaign!

  4. Stacy S. Jensen

    Oh. I’m late to the party. Thanks Kris for sharing a bit about your schedule. I steal 15 minutes here and there, but still seem to be behind. This fall I’m going to set a better writing schedule and stick to it. Good luck with all your projects.

  5. Elizabeth Anne~ I forgot to mention that I collaborated on a picture book, too. It was a very enjoyable experience. The screenplay was brought to me through a client who wanted his picture book edited. He presented a story idea to me and I was hooked. We decided that he would write the screenplay and I would write the novel, both having input on the other. We did it backwards, though, with the screenplay being completed first. I’m reviewing that now and will get started on the novel asap. It is an interesting idea, but can be tricky when you have two very creative people! Screenwriting is TOTALLY different than novel writing. I think I prefer novels. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’m a fellow campaigner. I came over to check out Kris’ post. Great interview. The book sounds great. 🙂

  7. elizabethannewrites

    I’m totally mystified about how you find the time to write in the midst of all else that fills your life — but it’s a good thing you do! Perhaps being a late bloomer in terms of writing (as I am, as well) means that we have more life experience to bring to the creative process. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

    The fact that you’ve collaborated on a screenplay is fascinating to me — one of my adult WIPs started life as a novel, I switched to writing it as a screenplay, and am now back to writing it as a novel, but the very different process of screenwriting still fascinates me.

    All the best to you!

  8. Sue~That’s wonderful to hear. My goal is to write books that kids, especially boys, would enjoy. I appreciate you spreading the love and for all of your support!

  9. Susanna~Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Janet~ Thanks for stopping by and great to meet a fellow campaigner!

  11. I have been sharing about you all over the place in NC! We have friends who write and love the blogs and many who have kids that can’t find a book they like (which they now are)! Really have enjoyed following you in the process!

  12. Interesting interview and nice to see 2 fellow campaigners in the same place 🙂

    Laynie, your pitch is up on my blog today for Would You Read It Wednesday and several people have already commented quite enthusiastically. I hope you’ll get a chance to come over and respond 🙂 In case you no longer have it, the link is:

  13. Oops, having trouble with my internet. Not sure if my comment went through?

  14. Interesting interview and nice to see 2 fellow campaigners in the same place 🙂

    Laynie – your post is up on my blog today for Would You Read It Wednesday and several people have already commented on it, most of them very enthusiastically. I hope you’ll get a chance to come over and respond 🙂 Here’s the link in case you don’t have it:

  15. Donna, Aww..thanks for saying how much you enjoyed Saving Redwind! And, I agree, that we have to write faster to catch up!

  16. Marilyn, I’ve not considered writing a story about dogs. I’ve edited a few, and it doesn’t really interest me. Plus, I’m not sure that I could write from a dog’s perspective. I had a hard enough time editing them!

  17. Great interview! I’ve read some of Kris’s other interviews and her book sounds fun. I’m so amazed at all she accomplishes. Kudos to her!

    And I’m a fellow Campaigner! Can’t wait to get to know you better. :

  18. Marilyn S

    Because you are a pup fan, have you ever considered writing a book about dogs?

    I collaborated on a textbook–the logistics can be challenging.


  19. Kris, I really enjoyed Saving Redwind, and I’m still in awe that you have time to write when you have so many other things in your busy life! I feel the same as you do about waiting so long to start writing. I guess that just means we’ll have to write twice as fast to catch up. 🙂

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