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A Line in the…Hand-scraped Oak Floor

I finally put my foot down and my sign up.  “Yes, I’m Working!”  The sign went on the door of the master bedroom suite, the alcove of which is my office.

I love my alcove office with its windows on three sides.  One overlooks a canyon, one the balcony where I keep my mint plants and fountain, one the wrap-around porch.  No curtains.   Surround-sound Bose speakers broadcast my immense music library.  I mean, I LOVE this office.  Now, go away and leave me alone!  I’m working.  I’m an author.

My husband and I and a very close friend retired to the Texas Hill Country four years ago.  We built our dream house on 44 acres of undeveloped land.  We have Brangus cattle for neighbors…and foxes, turkeys, deer, armadillos, jackrabbits, coyotes, feral hogs (curses on them), raccoons, skunks…all the usual Texas suspects.  We have a half-acre garden where we grow tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs, etc.  It’s just what we always wanted.

And I’m doing just what I always wanted to do…devoting hours to writing my children’s books.  Unfortunately, they aren’t the uninterrupted hours for which I was hoping.

It’s one thing for me to leave my desk from time to time, to restore the circulation to my legs, or to get a cup of coffee.  It’s even acceptable for me to suspend my writing to put in a load of laundry, fix a meal, or watch a football game.  (Texas, remember?  Hook ‘em, ‘Horns!)

It is another thing, entirely, for my husband to say, “Come here and look at this.”  And “this” turns out to be an unusual capacitor or something else he discovered in his stash of valuable electronics he’s been collecting for decades.  Really.  I’m perfectly willing to share in his “finds.”  Sometimes they’re even interesting.  But not when I’m working.  Or our friend will say, “I’m going into town.  Do you want to go with me?  Maybe the antique store has new stuff.”  (Oxymoron?)  No. Thank you.  I’m working.

Is it such a difficult concept?  Writing is work.  It isn’t fun (most of the time), it isn’t a way to while away the hours, it isn’t a hobby.  Sometimes I even break a sweat!  It is work, dagnab it!

As I write this, I’m awaiting the repercussions.  “They” haven’t seen the sign yet.  “They” are off somewhere doing their respective important stuff.  But, I’m sure to hear about it when the sign is read.  At which time, I’ll have to explain it.  Or maybe I’ll just let them read this blog.  Something “they” have never done.  Hey!  That could be subject material for another blog!  Huzzah!



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