Procrastination is bad! Rationalizing it is worse! I’m guilty of both. It seems as if I can’t…or don’t want to…write. I believe I’ve narrowed the underlying causes down to three:
1. Fear. Over the past two days, I’ve read many good children’s books and I’m being followed/friended by successful authors. This is a good thing, right? Well, tell that to my insecurity. I think maybe I might be believing in myself just a little too much. After all, these books (in a much more immature form) were rejected by some of the best publishers. And now, I’ve only sold two on Amazon. Insecurity just kicked into high gear.
2. No time.   I thought maybe I’d accomplish a lot today and some of tomorrow, but life keeps getting in the way. Today I had errands, tomorrow we’re going wine shopping (it’s  20% discount-stock-up time at our favorite liquor store), then company starts coming in late tomorrow night. So, instead of buckling down and getting at least a few words on paper, I chose to just forget it based on the rest of the week.
3. Unsolicited criticism. A person that I know and trust thought she was being honest with me, when instead she was just being hurtful. I know better than to listen to her. Her spelling and grammar are poor and her idea of reading a book is to look at “People” magazine. Not exactly a qualified critic. But, I listened nonetheless.

I started the blog above two days ago, and never finished it…speaking of procrastination.  Circumstances have improved a bit since last I blogged.  I’m still insecure, but right now I have a little time to write (until my grandson wakes up and wants to play!), AND people who offer their opinions when I’m not asking, can just go away.  Don’t need ’em, don’t want ’em, won’t tolerate ’em.

Rather than spend my precious, limited time on blogging to an unseen audience, which may or may not exist, I shall now devote the next few moments to “the series.”  Tomorrow I’ll blog again, and the subject will be, “Why Do I Have So Many Ideas?  And Which Should I Throw Out?”


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