Personal News; Setting Goals

Writing very nearly got in the way of my personal life today. My husband and I are celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary. And, while I did think far enough ahead to get a gift and a card, I hadn’t wrapped them yet.

He walked into my office a few minutes ago with a beautifully wrapped present and a wonderful card. I, on the other hand, gave him his present in the bag it came in. I feel badly about it, but he assured me that it was alright.  It has been, after all, 41 years!   Several moments later  he said, “Don’t you need to get back to your book?”   Understanding man!  However, the clatter of the keyboard in my office forced him to the guest room to take a nap!

So, now it’s back to the grind. I’m trying to come up with a reasonable number of words as a goal-per-day. Haven’t quite figured out what that is yet, but I will make it an attainable goal. Stayed tuned for updates on that one!

One more word from this one-book author: I can’t say enough good things about Amazon/Kindle’s publishing help desk! They’ve answered every question I’ve had so far, and some of them were just ignorant! Kudos to helpful people who answer their email politely and in a timely fashion! I’m impressed.

Back to the keyboard! More tomorrow.


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