Back to Writing

The last two days have been spent doing the “business” of writing. The release of “Palo Duro Panic” on Kindle was really exciting for me – until I found a serious error and had to re-upload it. Which put me back in the review/publishing loop…on which I’m still waiting!

Not to worry! The original release (including error) is online to purchase; the new-improved version will be available within about 36 hours. Same price, better read!

I’ve been on Facebook forever, I think, but now I’m on Twitter and I have this wonderful blog site on WordPress. By the way, kudos to WordPress for making this so easy.

So, the business of business aside, there are about fifteen new ideas rattling around my brain, and I need to get them into the computer’s memory quickly. Its memory is SO much more reliable than mine.

One of the new books is a “pre-quel”, in a way, to “Palo Duro Panic.” It’s the story of Moochie Mockingbird as a very young bird, and how he got his name.

So, it’s back to “work” for me! If there happen to be any children’s book authors out there who have word of wisdom for a new writer, please leave me a comment. I read them all and I’m willing to learn!


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