June 21st, 2011

Laynie King’s First Blog…ever!

One would think that, given my passion for writing, I would have had a blog long before this.  One would be incorrect.  I am hereby changing my
status!  Okay, that was the Prologue.  Now on to the important things.

I published my first book on Amazon/Kindle yesterday, June 20th, and I’ve already sold two copies.  (Okay, one was to my husband.)  Amazon has given me an
opportunity I’ve been dreaming of for years!   Self-publishing without a huge cash investment.  Hooray!

Here’s a little bit about me.

I’m a Texas mom and grandma, formerly of North Texas, now residing (retired) in an obscure corner of the Texas Hill Country.
I’m not a native Texan, but my husband and three children are!  That makes me Texan by default.  As our children were growing up, we took many
trips around the state, exploring and discovering…and frequently camping.  The kids loved being outdoors!

Several decades ago, I started writing stories about our vacation adventures, but didn’t want them to sound like reports on “What I Did on my Summer Vacation.”  So, I took an experience, or a situation, or an event or location, and fictionalized it with a mockingbird hero named Moochie.  Over the years, the stories evolved.  There are copies in a couple of school libraries, and I wish they’d pull them and throw them out.  They were trash!

I didn’t know how to write, but I believe I’ve learned.  No, I’m not going to tell you how!  Sorry.   I’m proud of this first story!  It has characters that I’ve grown to love, real animals  (and their real
characteristics), real Texas places, all in an adventure that I think will appeal to my target audience:  8 to 11-year old kids, male or female, who possess good reading skills.  A caveat on that last phrase…this book is also a great “read-to-me” book for younger children!  I’ve had first graders tell me it was wonderful.

On my next blog, you will find a sample of the first chapter of “Palo Duro Panic:  Moochie Mockingbird Tales”

Meantime, I’m on Twitter and Facebook as Laynie King.  But, please cut me a little slack!  I’m just learning to use Twitter!


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